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Miguel A. T. Silva


team coordinator

[76|04|22] . [+351 962 988 241]


  • Bachelor’s degree (5+1 years, pre-Bologna, equivalent to a master’s) in Architecture of Design from the Faculty of Architecture, Technical University of Lisbon (final course grade: 17 out of 20).
  • Specialization in Lighting Design from the Faculty of Architecture, Technical University of Lisbon.
  • Three semesters of Architecture Bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Architecture, Technical University of Lisbon.
  • Technical training from FLAG: Advanced Adobe After Effects, Advanced Premiere, Cinema 4D, and Digital Marketing (SEO).
  • Certificate in pedagogical skills.


  • Development of various projects (equipment design and lighting design) for Megarim Lighting Company (10 years of activity).
  • Teaching assistant in the Drawing course (1st year) of the Architecture Design program at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Lisbon (3 years).
  • Teacher at the secondary and high school levels at Públia Hortênsia de Castro Secondary School in Vila Viçosa, teaching Visual Education, History of Arts and Crafts Workshops (2010-2011).
  • Teacher at the secondary and high school levels at Basic School Nº1 of Elvas, teaching Visual Education. Designer at TecniDelta (Nabeiro Group) starting May 2018.
  • Proficient in various software: AutoCAD (2D and 3D), 3DSMax, Cinema 4D, lighting calculation in ReLux, CorelDraw, Adobe software (Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, InDesign, Premiere, and Dreamweaver), and some programming knowledge (ActionScript).


  • 1st prize – Public Ideas Competition for the Decoration of Rotunda do Tanque Novo (2008 with Roth Projectos studio);
  • 1st prize – Logo for the "Grupo Desportivo e Cultural" of Banco Português do Atlântico (1998);
  • 2nd prize, Honorable Mention – Logo for the "Rede do Património Mundial de Portugal" (2014);
  • 2nd prize – Logo for the "Centro de Negócios Transfronteiriço de Elvas" (1997).


Collaboration (since 2006) with Roth Projectos.

  • New image for Natura Stores;
  • Public Ideas Competition for the Decoration of Roundabouts in Valpaços;
  • Thematic panel and signage for the Peso da Régua Court.

Projects at the Architecture and Design studios "Elástica" and "LoDo" (Elvas)

  • Chromatic survey of the city of Elvas (World Heritage Site application);
  • 3D virtual models of architectural and design objects; 2D work in technical drawings for Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Design;
  • Development of a graphic identity for two companies related to Landscape Architecture ("Jardim Silvestre") and a garden center ("Horto da Belhó").
  • Institutional image of LoDo and graphic design for the entire portfolio (2011).
  • Illustrated chronicle of Elvas (2012) – Elvas Safeguard Plans (2012).

Projects at the lighting company Megarim (Lisbon)

  • Product design: Atlântico line, Meg line, and ReLight;
  • Company website (in 2001):;
  • Graphic design: product promotional brochures;
  • Various lighting projects:
    • Offices of Ogilvy in Lisbon
    • Several pharmacies (such as Farmácia Salia in Setúbal)
    • Several churches (such as Igreja de Salir de Matos)
    • Several restaurants and bars (such as Nood restaurant in Lisbon), etc.

Projects at TecniDelta (Nabeiro Group | Delta Cafés)

  • Redesign of the company logo and respective stationery/style guide;
  • Redesign of the "MAYOR" brand;
  • Design (development) of new coffee machines;
  • Furniture design: chairs and lighting;
  • Company website:;
  • Technical application for Android phones;
  • Product catalogs;
  • User manuals for MAYOR machines and grinders;
  • Creation, motion design, assembly, and editing of MAYOR machine tutorials;
  • Packaging Design for:
    • Espresso coffee machines;
    • MAYOR grinders;
    • Cappuccinators.

Institutions, Public Organizations and Associations

  • IAPMEI: Participation with "Motion Design" (oracles) in the films directed by Francisco Costa to celebrate the institution's 40 years of activity;
  • AIAR, Association for Development through Culture: Co-founder, presidency from 2015 to 2017, and conception of the entire association identity and various events it organizes (festivals, conferences, etc.);
  • CECHAP, Center for Studies of Culture, History, Arts, and Heritage: Georeferencing and photographic survey for the Marble Route of the Estremoz Anticline;
  • ADER-AL, Association for Rural Development in the North of Alentejo: Creation (in collaboration with LoDo) of the Out(r)Alentejo brand and its portal (;
  • APAP, Portuguese Association of Landscape Architects: Creation (in collaboration with LoDo) of the tribute video to Architect Gonçalo Ribeiro Telles (centenary of his birth);
  • Elvas City Council:
    • Logo, signage, and website for Forte da Graça;
    • Participation in the Safeguard Plans of the UNESCO World Heritage City;
    • Various promotional projects such as posters and TV commercials.

List of developed websites

Stationery | Graphic Lines

  • DA (support for Architecture);
  • Roth Projects;
  • Sofia Guerra Architecture;
  • Fisocrom;
  • Sulcate Peças;
  • Maquicorredora;
  • LoDo (LoDo SCaPe, LoDo CoM, and LoDo TeCH);
  • ChiCoração (factory and store for wool products);
  • GR (brand of Garrancho).



  • Logo for the "Transborder Business Center of Elvas" (1997);
  • Design "em Português" (packing design for Porto Wine) – 1998; Logo for the "Sports and Cultural Group" of Banco Português do Atlântico (1998);
  • Roundabout decoration for Valpaços: Cooperative Winery roundabout, Tanque Novo roundabout, and Emigrant roundabout; Logo and graphic image for the "Centro Ciência Viva de Lagos" (2008);
  • Logo for CNPMA "National Commission for Medically Assisted Procreation";
  • Logo and graphic image for "SMAS de Sintra" (2008);
  • ReMade Portugal – 2009 edition; Logo for the "Portugal's World Heritage Network" (2014) – Honorable Mention.


  • FertiPrado Product Catalog;
  • ProPrado and Nutriprado product catalogs;
  • Signage for Forte da Graça and Augmented Reality;
  • Brand image, website, and communication for AIAR, International Conferences of Elvas, UrbanSketchers da Raia, and War Film Festival of Raia in Elvas;
  • Brand image for Raide de Santa Eulália Luís Tello Barradas;
  • Cacique 97 ("We used to be Africans"): participation with motion design in the film by Francisco Costa;
  • Documentary "O tio avô de Moçambique": participation with motion design in the film by Francisco Costa;
  • Gloriae – Augmented Reality game about heritage and aimed at children (with LoDo);
  • Coordination/direction (jointly with other associates) of Traço, International Drawing Festival of Alentejo;
  • Coordination and active participant in USk da Raia; Interior illustration and shop window displays (Pharmacy Mouta and layout of "Montras Mostram Elvas");
  • Book layout for Instituto Piaget; Illustration and editorial design of the book "EuroBEC Desenhada".
  • Editorial design of books for BooksFactory:
    • As Reais Manadas de Alter do Chão ao longo da história;
    • A chave do destino;
    • Desertos de afetos;
    • Senhor Jesus da Piedade de Elvas, milagres, festa, romaria;
    • Voando sobre um ninho de estrelas;
    • Homens Garrafa;
    • Colecção Elvas Antiga (vol I and II).

Pedro Loureiro


[+351] 927 892 783

He was born in the southwestern corner of Europe, in Lagos, Portugal. His childhood of Legos and sandcastles led him to study architecture, but an adolescence filled with sketches guided him toward illustration. He works halfway between the two professions, as an architectural illustrator. He enjoys drawing, traveling, and chopping vegetables into tiny pieces. He regularly teaches drawing workshops and shares stories on his blog Storysketching and with Urban Sketchers Portugal. He has written articles for Drawing Attention, the monthly magazine of Urban Sketchers, and co-coordinates the Wedding Sketchers along with two fellow artists.

Francisco Costa

Video editor and videographer

[+351] 968 060 937

He was born in Lisbon in 1976. He completed the Film and Video Course at ESAP (Escola Superior Artística do Porto) and interned on the film ‘Sapatos Pretos’ directed by João Canijo and produced by Paulo Branco. He debuted as a professional editor during Expo 98, joining the video team that worked for Praça Sony. After that, he continued to work in editing for various production companies in documentaries, fiction, advertising, dance, and art installations.


  • Filmes publicitários para a empresa NOS;
  • Série de Ficção “Sara” de Marco Martins;
  • Série de Documentário “História a História” com Fernando Rosas para a RTP;
  • Série de Televisão para o canal italiano Rai Uno sobre o Mercado da Ribeira em Lisboa;
  • Série de Televisão “Los Caminos del Agua” e Documentário “Vida Sobre Ruedas” para a Televisão Espanhola da Extremadura;
  • Documentários para a Fundação Calouste Gulbenkien;
  • Documentários para o grupo de música Deolinda para a produtora Musical Sons em Trânsito;
  • Vários vídeos inspirados nos bailados da coreógrafa Olga Roriz;
  • Instalações artísticas para Tatiana Macedo vencedora do prémio Sonae Media Art;
  • Sessões de planetário para o Centro Multimeios de Espinho;
  • Documentário para a Câmara de Elvas sobre o Forte da Graça.

Miguel Costa


[+351] 924 292 735

With a degree in Biology from the University of Lisbon, he works as a cameraman for documentaries and institutional videos covering anthropology, history, culture, science, and natural history across Europe, Africa, and South America for international broadcasts and cinema. He made his directorial debut in 2020, with the documentary ‘Malcata,’ which received an award at CineEco and was internationally distributed by the Camões Institute, aired on SIC.